Monday, April 30, 2012


This is it today is the day at 12:00pm Memphis Time we start with JUD PHILLIPS at this time we want to thank everyone who spent their time effort, money to get this project up and running.. We at times had to reinvent the wheel and at others just try it and pray well after all of this we are finally at that day.. THANK YOU EVERYBODY for your help and support.. we will take it from here.. OK GUYS LISTEN and enjoy we are doing our part PLEASE DO YOURS *)o(* VoMM
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WE want to take a minute and thank everyone that helped make this happen BIG THANK YOU
Barry Shankman, K.Paul Compton & Jeffery Haas
we did our part please do yours and LISTEN!!!!


  1. Today's broadcast went well the quality of the show content as well as technical was great We at VOICE OF MEMPHIS MUSIC.. appreciate you and enjoyed putting this program together and on the sir.. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do making it *)o(*

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