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BOBBY WHITLOCK , Back by popular demand

Bobby Whitlock represents the true southern blues/soul singer. he was the first white artist to be signed to the Stax hip label at the tender age of 16.  In the eyes of Stax, Bobby was destined to be a star. Taken under the wings of Steve Cropper and Donald (Duck)Dunn, Bobby was heading in the right direction from an early age..
Always running on his intuition, Bobby agreed to go to California to become a "friend" in the group Delaney & Bonnie.
Bobby became friends with Eric Clapton during the short 3 month tour in England in 1969.
Back in the states , not satisfied with his position Bobby once again followed his intuition  called Eric Clapton who invited him to his home at Hurtwood  and there they began to write becoming a formidable writing team with songs like "Tell the Truth", "Keep on Growing", " I looked away",  "Why does love got to be so sad",  "Anyday", "Roll it over" and more.
Derek & the Dominos  began to form after some months at  former Beatles George Harrison's  "All things must pass", sessions.
by that time Bobby and Eric had written a handful of songs and George agreed that Phil Spector would produce a couple of them in exchange for playing on his record.
Eric Clapton , Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle  and Jim Gordon were the core band for George,  the yet un-named band Derek & the Dominos were born .
The rest is of course history.
Layla and other assorted love songs is now celebrating its 40th year and is considered to be one of the most influential and great records in the history of rock
In  2000 Derek & the Dominos were awarded a grammy for Layla and other assorted love songs. The musicians the music and their legacy continues .
In march's 2011 Rolling Stones, David Fricke's five star review is a testament to the staying power of  this incredible record.

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