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This Week "Sam The Sham" aka Sam Samudio

Sam The Sham Grammy Speech

These are the acknowledgments Sam gave upon accepting his Grammy Award in 1971.

Grammy Winner:  Hard and Heavy / Album Liner Notes

The people who mistreated me as a chiild 'cause they made me strong.

Sister Rose; for having tought Melvin-and me, that there are no NIGGERS and no MESKINS.

A third grade teacher, who treated me like a leper and begrudged me not having lice; for she gave me pride.

Miss McMahon, for being just when no one else was.

The people who refused me service; for they made me save my money.

The people who rejected me because of the color of my skin and the texture of my hair; for they made me realize that I was different.

My Aunt Grace, for teaching me how to eat with silver.

My brother Memo for sitting me out in the sun without water. He tried to teach me discipline. I love him.

Melvin for sneaking me water on the same day.

My sister Esther who was mother, friend, cook, servant, nurse, opponent and guardian angel. I love her.

The Dude who broke my nose the first time: he taught me to dodge faster.

Mrs. Turner for letting me graduate from high school; otherwise I would've flunked for the third time.

The Dude who broke my nose the second time. He taught me that I wasn't dodging fast enough.

My dogs through life for their companionship: Funny, Spot, Mocho, Spotty, Tippy, Poochie, Peerolee, Poopinooga, Kemp, Lucky, Cyrano, Bojo, Sammy, Toro, Dingo and King.

Equal time to cats: Quickie, Morrongo, A Yellow Cat, and Blue.

The Dude who broke my nose the third time. He taught me that only 50% of all fighters are winners. (Poor odds)

My friends the prostitutes for listening to me when no one else would; for I needed to speak.
The towns I was run out of-, for they ran me to better places.

David A. Martin for opening my eyes.

Jackie for one bologna & mayonnaise sandwich, one weeny sandwich and a hot bath.

The Crystal for keepin' my secrets.

The lonely moonlit stretch of road between Memphis & Capeville; for it gave me time to think.

Papa for his kindness & wisdom.

Memphis for whippin'me down twice, which only made me get up.

Avery for goin' my bail.

David, Jerry, Ray & Butch for sharing with me the misery of the road; they too suffered the changes I went through.

I want to bless the people who stole my money for my misery went with it and I am sure it's more than they can bear.

Squeeky, a monkey now deceased, for wrecking the boredom of my depression by wrecking the shack he and I lived in.

Jack Provenzano, Astrologer, friend, roommate, teacher and companion through several Karmic Expressions.

My friend Frank Andrews for tutoring me in and through the Tarot.

Zach Glickman & Steve Frank, two friends who never lost faith in me.

The Dynamic Duo, Pato P. & Garrapata C. for the many laughs when there was little to laugh about.

New York City for 1969 where I reviewed the Blues.

The women who loved me and ask their forgiveness; lovin'the wind would have been easier.

The Mothers of my children for my freedom; for only free can I truly give.

My Father Jim Samudio, a strong Leo who taught me that a man must have the ability to be just as gentle, as he is hard; have the ability to love, and be willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary to preserve what he believes to be right. Who taught me that there are laws far greater than those written by man.

My children for having chosen me as their father in this life; for they alone gave me the will & strength to continue when all other sources of energy were depleated.

And most of all, God for letting me be a musician, in doing so he's given me a taste of Paradise.

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